James and Wells

When Toybox first received an email from a company of IP and copyright lawyers, our first response was… uh oh, now what have we done?

Then, when we realised they wanted us to produce some on-line content, we wondered what it was going to be like working with lawyers? They’d probably want something safe, conservative and dry — but the moment we walked into their very non-lawyer like offices, we knew this project was going to be fun. James and Wells wanted to push the boundaries and produce something that was visually fresh and funny, yet still be relevant to their audience. It was a great place to start.

This project was fun. The team at James & Wells were great at giving feedback as we peppered them with different ideas, and the final piece is a collaboration between us and them, which is always the best way to get a result that is as unique as they are.

Directed by Andrew Newland

Animation by Richard Falla & Andrew Newland

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